Kiss My Sass
I want a date night…

I wish I could get taken out somewhere for the night.
Movies, dinner, driving around, the beach at night, stargazing on the top of a car, dinner and then movies all night and then bake stuff and have it end with frosting on your face or flour in your hair; anything! I just would absolutely love for that to happen. I wouldn’t be picky, honestly. (although at some point I want to get to wear my cute lace dress for some reason.)

Happy because he’s all mine…

Our story goes like this…

Our brothers have been the best of friends since they were in first grade, which meant that I’d usually go over to his house to pick up my brother, or his and see him there. The years went by, I never thought anything would come from it because of the fact that he was a little older and he had this skater edge to him that just made him seem like such a bad-ass. Meanwhile I was this innocent little freshman. Once I started high school I’d see him around, and I remember anytime he’d see me he’d look over and smile at me, which of course would make me look the other way and blush a little. Well, after a while his brother went out to dinner with my family and at it, both him and my brother talked me into texting him, in other words making the first move with him, turns out we kept talking and started dating. It actually lasted about 9 months, and in those 9 months he was my first everything. Sadly though he ended it out of no where. I was so upset that I even hated seeing his brother because he reminded me so much of him. I deleted him off of everything and said to him I was done. However he didn’t listen and started texting me, at the time he was dating someone and would text me about how their relationship consisted of her getting pissed and them just having sex. Which would piss me off more than anything. So I stopped talking to him. A year or so passed and again after I deleted him from everything he came back talking about how he was leaving for boot-camp for the Marines. I felt like with it being so long, and because he was a senior that he had figured things out and regretted what he did, so we kept talking for about 3 months, then he turned around and said after everything that I needed someone that would be there for me and not be far away. I was so hurt at that point, that with having my heart repeatedly get broken that many times from the same person I finally pulled myself together and realized, enough is enough, I’m not going to be one of those girls that let the same guy walk all over them.  So I moved on. I dated plenty of guys after that. I learned plenty of things and got spoiled with some amazing memories, like being asked out on the beach at night. 

Welllll, Surprisingly he came back after another year! This time I had all my walls up, especially because I had a boyfriend at the time. This time though he didn’t rush into anything and I wasn’t waiting around so I dated two more guys. Speed time up a little bit and it’s August of this year, I was now single and he still hadn’t dated any more girls in that time period. He had come back for a surprise visit for his sister’s graduation. He made time to hangout with me pretty much every day that he could. He left, we kept talking, and he finally asked me out again on his way down. Not going to lie, after I said yes I laid there thinking to myself if I just made a huge mistake taking him back after everything that he put me through. But he would apologize as often as he could for everything, and I realized the more time went on just how much he had matured compared to the 15 year old freshman  I used to know him as. October rolled around and he paid for me and my best-friend to go stay in NC for a week. It was the best week ever! We shot guns, went to dinner, I got to see the base, it was just perfect. Especially the sex everyday and showers, and then cuddling till we fell asleep. He even bought me a promise ring and gave it to me once he found me during a game of hide and seek around the hotel and said,” this ring is a promise to a bigger more sparkly ring in the future.” Then I’d get to kiss him goodbye in the morning in his uniform. On the way to drop us off for our train me and him fell asleep leaning on each other in the car, and when we finally got there I sadly could only give him a quick hug and then rushed onto the train because I was first off late, and so sad that I just started bawling when I got on. For my birthday he wasn’t here, so he sent me gifts and my favorite flowers. And he was back for Thanksgiving. When he went back down I went with him. They were the best three weeks. He would get me anything I needed, and the fact that I could be with him everyday made me beyond happy. We drove around the base, would go walking, cook together, kill zombies, go to dinner, meet people, have sex as often as we wanted. It was amazing.  The last week we were there we went to a pet store. I fell in LOVE with a little puppy but sadly I couldn’t get it. However I also fell in love with a kitten, Lua. Once he noticed this he bought her for me. Everything kept going great, we’d joke, act like kids in public, take pictures, but it got bad one morning and stressful for me when after having sex he comes back into the room from the bathroom and told me it broke. I went upstairs and sat in the bottom of the shower crying. When I came down he told me not to worry, he had a plan. He’s so good though that to make me laugh he put on a movie that’s about getting pregnant. 10 rolled around and he got up to get ready and told me to do the same, because the pharmacy was open. We went and he drove to a few pawn shops, and sold his bass and amp, called a friend who owed him money all to be able to go buy me PlanB. After that he took me to the mall just to help my mood for the day. When we got back I took it and sure enough felt like shitttt. He laid there with me though, watching movies, rubbing my back and let me fall asleep. Anytime I’d wake up he’d kiss me and ask how I was feeling. Let me just say that in that moment in time, besides worrying about how sick I felt, I realized, damn…no other guy would ever do that for me. I realized that he was right that he had matured a hell of a lot more, and that I loved him more than I could put into words for selling his stuff and doing everything he could to buy me what I needed. I couldn’t have a better boyfriend. 

I know every girl talks about how lucky they are and how much they love their boyfriends. But honestly I mean it when I say it about mine, there isn’t a single thing I’d change. He drives me to appointments, takes me shopping, buys me a cat because I fell in love with her, gets me anything I need, makes me laugh whenever,  not only deals with my sassyness and sarcasm but also loves it, doesn’t change anything about me, looks at me everyday like I could put the stars in the sky (which i’ve never had before), does lyrics for goodmorning/goodnight texts when we’re not together, gives me amazing massages, shampoos and conditions my hair in the shower, brushes my hair, straightens it for me, paints my nails, makes me coffee, buys me peanut butter cups when he sticks his foot in his mouth, lets me choose the music in the car, watches kids movies with me, we can act like kids in public and not care what anyone thinks, anyone could give you compliments but his mean so much more to me, he remembers every important thing i’ve ever told him, talks about our future together, sings to me, tells me how he’d buy me tampons if he needed to and quite frankly looks forward to being able to do so in the future. No ones perfect and I love him for everything, even the little things that get me pissed. If he could deal with my attitudes and everything, and considering we never fight, EVER, and his entire family loves me, then he without a doubt is the only guy I want to spend the rest of my life with, I love him more than anything else in the world. Always and forever. <3 

You know you’ve found a great guy when….
  • The two of you can sit there and even if nothings said, you’re fine with it.
  • He enjoys showing you off to everyone.
  • You’re permanently on his good side no matter what.
  • He talks about his future with you.
  • He tries to put your happiness before his own.
  • He talks about how in the future he wouldn’t mind going to get you anything you’d need, even if it means having to buy you tampons.
  • He remembers every important thing about you.
  • He doesn’t try to change anything about you.
He’s perfect

So after driving around and going to stores we went to a pet store. I fell in love with a kitten and even though at first she didn’t like him as much, he bought her. we went after and bought stuff for her and it was cute because he was like,”aww it’s like she’s our kid.” We got back to the house and made cookies, and now we’re watching romantic comedies with the kitten laying in between us.

That awkward moment when….

Your boyfriends ex’s comment on photos your in complimenting you…thank you?


Pretty much the girl of my dreams. I mean, she has a smile that could brighten up the Holocaust. This girl is a head turner and a jaw dropper. I met her when I was a sophomore in high school. Her brother and my brother were best friends (and still are), and one day, when her mother came to pick up…

This is the only guy I’ve ever been with that’s always came back, loved me through anything, no matter what obstacles got in the way. No matter how much he hurt me I could never not take him back. Every emotion I’d try to throw away after he’d hurt me would all rush back at once. He’s my bestfriend, love, high school sweetheart, marine, hero, weirdo, someday husband, most importantly; he’s all mine. ❤
And this entire thing, to say the least, couldn’t have made me tear up anymore. (Unless he was here reading it to me.)

I always see cute pictures of girls with their marines, and well I figured, why not share a picture of mine. So here&#8217;s to, my marine, but more than that, my bestfriend, the one guy who&#8217;s gone through a ton with me and no matter what&#8217;s happened between us he&#8217;s always come back, my hero, but best of all, my boyfriend who I love more than anything else in the world 💜

I always see cute pictures of girls with their marines, and well I figured, why not share a picture of mine. So here’s to, my marine, but more than that, my bestfriend, the one guy who’s gone through a ton with me and no matter what’s happened between us he’s always come back, my hero, but best of all, my boyfriend who I love more than anything else in the world 💜

Surprises are my worst enemy.

Anybody that knows me, knows I absolutely with a passion HATE surprises. I’m too impatient to actually wait to find out what it’ll be.

My boyfriend, for months has been joking about getting married, and well i’ve just been thinking he’s joking. All till the other day.

We were texting about other random things when all the sudden he says,”For future reference, gold or silver?” So of course at that moment I laughed it off and told him silver because I HATE gold with a passion. Then he goes on to say,”Diamonds? Or are there any other stones you really like?”

Well at that point I just sat there looking at my phone thinking he’s lost his mind. Since that day his mom and my mom have talked about it, yet when I ask my mom she gets all weird and says she can’t tell me anything, and that I just have to wait and see. He won’t obviously say anything either.

My bestfriend freaks out when we talk about it cause she thinks if he does propose to me when he comes back for Christmas that we’re too young. I brush it off because I already know what my answer will be, Yes. Age is just a number and we’re old enough to make our own decisions.

My only thing I’d love to know, is well, what other people think. I mean when a guy talks about rings it can be anything. Promise rings, normal rings, engagement rings, who knows. So I don’t know…maybe I’m overthinking this too much. But I guess come Christmas I’ll find out.